SMUB Services

Our initial home ideation consultations are designed to discuss the dreams you have for your home, including any required building works, design & styling needs and how we can make these visions become your reality. 

Post the home ideation consultation and once we have defined your personal style, SMUB will develop a colour scheme, concepts and pick materials for your approval. SMUB will aid in finding you the right trades and review & track the project lifecycle to ensure the project remains on track and of high quality.

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Home Design

Helping you design spaces within your home that are equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing through the use of colour, lighting and materials

Home Styling

Bringing a space within your home to life to reflect your personal style, taste and vibe using decorative pieces, furniture, greenery and materials

Project Liaison

Review and track the overall project lifecycle, ensuring that the schedule, scope and budget remains on track and of high quality